Our sound engineers and soundsmiths

Thomas Fessler


Thomas is one of Switzerland's most successful music producers. He is an exceptionally gifted guitarist and – just as important in a producer – he is adept at catching other people's vibes. His list of credits is extensive, like his gold disc collection. He began playing at a young age, in a kiddie punk band. After a spell at the Jazz School Lucerne, he found his way into the Swiss studio and live scene as a guitarist. He is a popular partner for many of today's well-known musicians and artists.


Manfred Zazzi


The man with the charming-sounding name is a multitalented genius with Rhaeto-Romanic roots. Manfi has upwards of 20 years of film editing and audio engineering experience. In the course of his career, he has worked for many large as well as smaller clients. Film work at home and abroad are just as much part of his portfolio as speech recordings for prestigious companies. Manfi can be relied upon to find just the right sonic and visual nuances.