There’s music in the air at 571 Recording Studios – where creativity meets experience and people and ideas are always welcome. That makes our 400-square-meter studio space in the middle of Zurich a living room and space for artistic development for creative professionals in film and music. We not only have the people, the rooms and the equipment to capture and refine your ‘perfect moment’. We also have the creative atmosphere to let that moment happen!

Music Production

Countless national and international acts have been here – and they sure love coming back. We’ve built a reputation for outstanding, award-winning music and commercial success, with multiple gold and platinum records. It’s not because our productions are just simply that perfect, but because we know how to use imperfection to help you create a sound that’s uniquely your own.

Mixing and Mastering

We lend a fresh ear and years of experience to polish your sound, no matter where you first recorded it – in a professional studio or at home.

Songwriting and Arrangement

We start wherever you are – ideally, during the creation and development your music. As experienced producers, arrangers and songwriters, we work with you transform your rough diamonds into musical gems.


Our studio can accommodate just about any type (and size) of band. At 571 we record Pop bands, Jazz ensembles, string sections. We are one of the best equipped recording studios in Switzerland and are here to ensure your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it. Make an appointment, come by and check out our rooms!

Post Production

Film is more than moving images. It’s also color, rhythm, sound. From feature-length documentaries to industrial films and advertising, we know what matters. And because we have a thorough understanding of the whole process, we offer everything in-house: film, sound, content, design, and technical aspects, either individually or as a complete package. This ensures quality, saves time, and keeps interfaces and technical processes uncomplicated.

Voice Recording

The right voice is crucial. But a voice alone won’t make a story. Creating a powerful recording also requires an acute understanding of credibility, rhythm, melody and all the other finer subtleties of speech.


Film and Video Editing

The cut is the magic moment: the moment when images become stories and stories take on the right rhythm.

Sound Design / Mixing

The fifth dimension of film, sound design catapults us into the middle of a scene, determines whether we get goosebumps or adrenaline. Sound design plays a valuable part in binding image and sound into a convincing whole.

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

ADR comes into play when the original sound needs to be adjusted for changes in dialogue, dubbing language versions, soundtrack flaws and corrections – for example, when a car horn has slipped into the recording.


400 square meters. The charm and spaciousness of an old factory building. Restaurants, shopping, concert venues and hotels within walking distance and the Zurich main station just a few tram stops away: These are the external qualities.

The internal benefits: individual rooms with professional acoustic treatment, climate-controlled, most with visual contact. Three equipped control rooms with vocal booth, grouped around a large recording room with variable acoustics.

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Who we are

571: Founders and owners – Thomas Fessler and Manfred Zazzi – have brought together a diverse team of independent professionals with a wide range of experience, individual skills and shared values. We’ve put our hearts and expertise into the studios over the years and equipped them with everything a musician could desire.

Thomas Fessler

Producer, Owner

Manfred Zazzi

Music Producer, Film Editor, Owner

Yvan Bruner

Recording Assistant

Momo Kawazoe

Recording Assistant

Peter Borföi

Owner, Klangkraft Audio Productions

Roland “Roller” Frei

Owner, Bloop. Sound and Music

Andri Urfer

Freelance Junior Sound Engineer and Producer

Thomas Fessler

Producer, Owner

Thomas Fessler is a producer, sound engineer, songwriter and session musician who works with a number of artists, including Hecht, Nickless, Sina, Joya Marleen, Florian Ast, Adrian Stern, Kunz, Baba Shrimps, Michael von der Heide, Plüsch, Pippo Pollina and many, many more. Already as a young child Thomas played various instruments and started writing his own songs at the age of twelve. He’s accompanied many artists as a live guitarist and multi-instrumentalist both at home in Switzerland and abroad.

Thomas’ credo: “Music has to be authentic – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.” In each collaboration, Thomas aims to bring out an artist’s unique musical personality and make it heard. His experience and keen understanding of people makes him a sought-after partner in all genres of music. He is also a freelance lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and is frequently invited to talk as an expert in his field.

References: Joya Marleen, Nickless, Hecht

Manfred Zazzi

Music Producer, Film Editor, Owner

Manfred knew where his life’s journey was taking him early on: He turned his childhood room into his first studio and converted his parents’ closet into his first recording room, complete with optimized acoustics. Trained as a sound engineer, Manfred first took an eye-opening detour as a producer in the world of film before realizing his dream of having a studio with music production, film editing and postproduction facilities.

 Next to music, Manfred’s strengths lie in the professional combination of image and sound, where he takes advantage of his interests in content and fruitful cross-connections “Everything needs content: Music needs dramaturgy, films need rhythm, sound design needs a mood and a message – what’s a voice recording without a story?” In music as in film, Manfred like to go far below the surface.

 Manfred has worked with musical artists such as Hania Rani, Joss Stone, Bibi Vaplan, Aaron Asteria, Stefan Eicher, Orishas and Angus Stone, and with film companies and broadcasters such as SRF Dok, 3Sat, Joint Venture, Hugo Film, and RTR.

Yvan Bruner

Recording Assistant

The day even Yvan picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 18, he became obsessed with music. Now active in several bands, he also works as a live and studio musician. Since August 2021, Yvan has been working as intern with 571 Recording Studios, gaining valuable experience and complementing his training as a sound engineer at the college for sound engineering FF Ton. If you don’t find him in our studios, you might catch him as a barista at Campo.

Momo Kawazoe

Recording Assistant

Momo has a passion for music. Playing drums since she was ten, she’s already made a name for herself as the musical backbone of several bands. And before she even turned 18, she was playing as opening act for some of the biggest Swiss musicians and had won various music awards. Most recently, she’s discovered a zeal for music production and arrangement – her second big love – and has been working with us as an intern since July 2021 as part of her training in audio engineering training at HOFA-College.

Peter Borföi

Owner, Klangkraft Audio Productions

Since the 90s, Peter has helped shape the urban Swiss music scene with his own style as bassist and toured with various bands in Switzerland and abroad. After graduating from the Basel Music Academy in 2002, he turned to music and audio production.

 As a music producer and sound engineer, Peter’s creative approach makes him an ideal partner – with experience in a wide range of musical styles and a home base at 571 Recording Studios. For voice recordings and video dubbing, he understands how to use sound to get right to the heart of stories and emotion.

Roland “Roller” Frei

Owner, Bloop. Sound and Music

Roland “Roller” Frei founded his company Bloop in 2016 – a creative full-service partner for sound and music in the field of audiovisual media. Roller offers custom made music, music supervising, audio post, voice recording and sound design for advertising, corporations, games, apps and live communication – and produces it all in the 571 Studios.

Andri Urfer

Freelance Junior Sound Engineer and Producer

Andri is living out his passion for songs and soundscapes. With a background as a drummer and electronics engineer, Andri has a broad understanding of music and technology and within a short time has made a name for himself as an up-and-coming sound engineer and producer. As a live sound engineer, Andri also tours with bands and you can always expect him to come back to the studio with fresh inspiration and a good mood.

Post Production & Music

Post Production

Camille Bloch

Coca Cola




Maestro Lorenzo



Schweizer Post







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Level Two


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Schweizer Post



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Adrian Stern

Angus Stone (Angus and Julia Stone)

Baba Shrimps

Bastian Baker

Bibi Vaplan

Caroline Chevin

Caroline Chevin



Corin Curschellas

Dabu Fantastic

Daniel Kandlbauer


Eliana Burki


Fadl Shaker

Florian Ast

Florian Ast & Francine Jordi

Fränzlis da Tschlin

Gigi Moto


Heinz de Specht


Jan Oliver

Justin Timberlake

Laurence Revey

Lenny Kravitz


Lina Button

Linard Bardill




Lyricas Analas

Marc Sway

Michael von der Heide


Oncle Floyd




Peter Baumgartner

Pippo Pollina & Linard Bardill

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